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We at Carolina's Own Inc. are committed to creating quality product. We take pride in what we do, creating handcrafted soaps, creams, and other body care products using nature’s pantry of natural ingredients ~ including food grade oils such as olive, coconut, palm, and soy; emollient butters like Shea and Mango; crushed herbs for color and texture; and pure essential oils for fragrance.
There are those of you who enjoys wearing designer fragrances. Unfortunately, the only way to successfully achieve a product with the scent of a designer fragrance is to use an engineered fragrance oils. We have developed a line of products for you as well. Fragrance oils get a bad wrap. When compared to essential oils it's justified. However, there are companies that work hard to produce quality fragrance oils with integrity. I have identified three such companies from which I purchase my fragrance oils, Wholesale Supplies, Bramble Berry and the Chemistry Store! The same recipes used to make the all natural skin care is used to make the products of our fragrance oil line. The only difference being how it is scented, All products are clearly marked in the ingredients. So no surprises. Caution: If you are one who suffers with allergies, hayfever, asthma, etc. I would suggest you not order a fragrance oil product no matter how enticing the description unless you have someone in mind to pass it on to.
All of our cold-processed soaps are made with 100% natural plant-based ingredients free of irritating synthetic colorants or fragrances. Our products are very effective for moisturizing, toning and soothing overworked skin. We are streamlining our selection of soaps as several of them are very similar. So much so even I have a hard time twlling the difference.
We continually research to expand our knowledge base about the use of “all natural” ingredients in personal care products, and we incorporate the use of “organic” raw materials whenever possible.
For your cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating pleasure, we have sugar scrubs, goat's milk lotions, hand & body creams, foaming hand soaps, bodywash, bar soaps, fiber wash, lip balms and scrubs. We are constantly doing research to find products to best serve the skincare need of the day.
It is our mission to change the face of skincare for our families, friends and customers by helping them understand the importance of natural skin care. To help everyone understand that buying and using products such as those we offer is a lifestyle change. It is not something to be purchased to sit around on our vanities to smell and look pretty. To use or not to use natural products regularly for the health and wellness of one's skin is no less important than the decision to drink water versus Coke; use wheat as opposed to white bread,  bake and not fry. Make the switch!
In order to facilitate getting our products into the hands of more individuals, we are look to create affiliate and consignment relationships. We also offer wholesale distribution and will provide you with label-less product on which to place your own private label to sell as your own. There is also the option of letting us design and label your products, as we do with ours, for an additional fee.
  • Wholesale Accounts - If you are a shop owner, a distributor or have a business that includes gifts, natural product, etc;, you will find our wholesale discount to be very competitive. Your success is our success. With a low minimum purchase of $500 we can have our products generating sales for you. Please contact us or call us at 919-999-1609 for the latest price list/order form with wholesale discounts.
  • Private Label Products For Your Business- Carolina's Own will customize a product line for your clients according to your specifications. These products will be exclusive to your business. Please contact us or call us at 919-999-1609 to discuss your needs.

Good Soapworks of Athens, LLC

We've changed our name but the products and quality are still the same! Visit our new website where you'll find all of our products including lots of new! OR stay right here. I'll be populating this site with Carolina's Own labeled product as well.
Thank you!

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