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All of the ingredients in our products are natural and beneficial to the body and skin. We use organic raw materials whenever possible. The information on this page is not meant to serve as medical advice. It is posted to pass on information regarding the raw material used in our products.
Aloe Vera Oil is an extract of the aloe vera leaf that has been mixed with sweet almond oil. It has excellent hydrating, softening and soothing properties
Apricot Kernel Oil is a light oil that does not leave an oily film on the skin. Especially good for mature or sensitive skin.
Avocado Oil is rich in vitamins and protein, and is said to have healing and regenerative qualities. Wonderful for sensitive skin.
Bentonite Clay is a light green cly found in North America. Oil absorbing and cleansing, it is used for its excellent refining action on enlarged pores and oily areas of the skin.
Castor Oil is an emollient, natural oil that increases lather in soap, and is an excellent oil for hair, nails, and lips and skin care lotions.
Cocoa Butter provides a protective layer on the skin that holds in moisture. An excellent skin softener. Those allergic to chocolate should avoid products with this ingredient.
Coconut Oil contributes to a hard bar of soap with fluffy lather. Does not clog pores.
Essential Oils are derived from plants and naturally contain fragrance and other botanical benefits. There is tremendous debate about whether there are any therapeutic skin-care benefits remaining after the soap making process; which is why we add copious amounts of essential oil in every batch we make. You can decide for yourself if there are any benefits from using only pure essential oils for fragrance.
Grapefruit Seed Extract contains high levels of vitamin C and E, and bioflavonoids. The important substances have an antioxidant action and can neutralize free radicals that cause oil to turn rancid. It is used as a natural preservative in all of our soaps.
Hemp Seed Oil this oil is very high in some essential fatty acids that our bodies cannot produce. It is readily absorbed by the skin producing an extremely moisturizing bar of soap.
Jojoba Oil is very similar to our bodies own natural oils. Excellent spreading, lubricating and penetrating qualities.
Kaolin Clay is a very fine cosmetic grade powder clay used for its oil absorbing properties. It refines the skin and helps clear breakouts.
Mango Butter is a butter obtained from the kernels of the Mango tree. It is said to prevent drying of the skin and formation of wrinkles aiding in skin cell regeneration and flexibility.
Olive Oil is the major ingredient in my handmade soap; it provides a conditioning, moisturizing and mild bar soap with lots of silky lather.
Palm Oil is less soluble in water then many other oils; it helps keep the soap from “melting”, providing a long lasting bar soap.
Palm Kernel Oil is very similar to palm oil, and is used for the same reasons.
Shea Butter is a superior emollient that helps improve lather and keep soap hard.
Soy Oil is the world’s most widely used edible oil. It is a natural source of vitamin E and is easily absorbed by the skin.
Stearic Acid is a common, naturally occurring fatty acid widely used as an emulsifying agent. It easily penetrates the skin and has emollient, skin-softening properties.
Sweet Almond Oil is rich in natural emollients that have skin softening qualities. Especially suitable for dry, itchy skin.

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